Don’t Let Santa Trip!

If you celebrate the season by hanging lights, you’re all too familiar with this holiday hassle: cords. Between strings of lights, extension cords, and power strips, electrical situations can quickly become a disorganized mess. In addition to being ugly, loose cords pose several safety issues. They can cause trips and falls, and improper cord protection can even cause fire hazards. Let’s view a few examples:

Tape is bad for outdoor applications, but the Fastlane cable protector is all-weather.1. Tape: The problem in the photo on the right is that the tape lacks the adhesion necessary to keep the cables in place outdoors. The cables have easily become loose and are now presenting a serious trip hazard, as they cross a direct walkway. Even if the tape was adhering properly, it provides no protection for the cable, meaning that repeated foot traffic can easily damage the internal wiring and possibly destroy your beautiful light display.

Covering cables with rugs can create fire hazards, the Fastlane cable protector will not.2. Carpet: Running your cords underneath carpeting or a rug is tempting because it is easy and convenient, but it is not a good decision for cord protection. Like tape, rugs and carpet do not protect the internal wiring of your cords from foot traffic. As the wiring breaks down due to repeated trampling, the cord loses it’s ability to transmit current properly and begins to overheat, as explained in this article from ProtectAmerica. This heat could potentially lead to a catastrophic fire.

The Fastlane Cable Protector is great for light duty applicationsThe Solution

Linebacker offers several products designed for light duty use. Our Fastlane Drop-Over Cable Protector (pictured on the right) is a lightweight, durable solution that is made from all-weather polyurethane and great for indoor or outdoor use. Its modular design means it can accommodate cord runs of any length, and it’s sturdy construction means it will keep your cords safe for years to come. Another option is our RFD cable protectors. These are built from premium rubber and are designed primarily for indoor applications. Like the Fastlane, the RFD provides protection for cables, while keeping them neatly organized and avoiding any sort of trip hazard.

This year, protect your cables and make sure Santa won’t trip!

Learn more about the Fastlane here. Learn more about the RFD here. Reach us at 800-438-9336 or

Gaffer Tape vs. Cable Protectors: Part 2

A few weeks back, we examined the cost of choosing gaffer tape over a Yellow Jacket Cable Protector. Today, we’ll revisit that analysis with another variable added in: The Firefly Cable Protector. The Firefly is a unique cable protector, in that it is the only illuminated cable protection solution on the market. This makes it the perfect safety solution for the entertainment industry, in particular, concert venues. Loyal readers of the blog will recall that when we discussed the gaffer tape vs. Yellow Jacket scenario, we used a hypothetical situation involving a local Colorado venue.

Top 3 Reasons to Choose Firefly

The Firefly is the only cable protector on the market that is designed specifically as an entertainment cable protector. If you are a member of the entertainment industry and several reasons to choose a Firefly entertainment cable protector over a standard cable protector.

1. The Firefly entertainment cable protector is more visible in dark areas

The Firefly is the best entertainment cable protectorWhile we utilize high visibility colors like orange and yellow for the lids on our standard cable protectors, we offer the Firefly with light green and light blue lids, as these colors are more easily seen in low-light situations. We also mold LED strips directly into the ramps of our Firefly cable protectors, which makes them virtually impossible not to see. The battery life is a spectacular 500 hours off only two AA batteries, ensuring that battery maintenance and costs won’t be a burden to Firefly owners.

2. Firefly entertainment cable protectors don’t sacrifice toughness

Many of the cable management solutions we build for the entertainment industry are designed for pedestrian load capacities, but not necessarily vehicles or heavy equipment. Not the Firefly. We manufacture the Firefly with the same hand-cast method we use for the Yellow Jacket, one of the most durable cable protectors in the industry. The Firefly has a load capacity of 21,000 lbs./axle, meaning it can easily handle forklifts, which typically weigh around 9,000 lbs. Trucks and vehicles typically weigh around 3,000 lbs., so the Firefly will hold up under vehicle and equipment traffic as well as pedestrian traffic.

3. Firefly entertainment cable protectors feature heavy customization options

In the entertainment industry, presentation is paramount. The Firefly cable protector offers more customization than your average cable protector, allowing venue managers to tweak the presentation to be absolutely perfect. As mentioned in reason #1, we offer several stock colors of the Firefly lid, including blue and green, which are both visible in low light situations. However we also offer the Firefly with yellow, and orange lids, allowing venue managers to beautifully integrate them into existing Guard Dog and Yellow Jacket cable protection systems. Additionally, we also offer custom color combinations for larger orders, and two choices of LED colors: red or blue. Need to give your branding a boost? Ask your Checkers sales rep about our custom logo capacities, and get your very own logo molded into the lids of your cable protectors. This variety of customization choices give customers the options they need to take entertainment venue aesthetics to the next level.

Click here to learn more about the Firefly or download the Firefly brochure.

What Sets Firefly Apart?

The Firefly is the only lighted cable protector on the market.It’s summer time and that means concerts and music festivals are in full swing. In the entertainment industry, cable protection is paramount; particularly for temporary venues that don’t have permanent cable and cable protection installations in place. The Firefly is our custom-made cable protection solution for the entertainment industry. The Firefly has many great features, but the most striking are the illuminated ramps.

Firefly: the Only Lighted Cable Protector

Why is this important? In darkened areas, cable protectors can be difficult to see. Ironically, this can cause trip hazards, the very problem cable protectors are designed to eliminate. Our ultra-bright LEDs are molded directly into the ramps of the Firefly, which protects them from any sort of damage. They are incredibly efficient and can run for 500 hours off of just two AA batteries. In the entertainment business, presentation is everything, which is why our LEDs are available in either blue or red, allowing venue managers to select the color that best matches their aesthetic. Additionally, we offer four different lid colors: green, blue, yellow, and orange.

Guard Dog and Yellow Jacket Compatibility

Another exciting benefit of the Firefly is the Dog Bone Connector. These are the same modular connectors that we use on our Guard Dog and Yellow Jacket cable protectors. This, of course, means that Firefly Illuminated Cable Protectors can be integrated into any existing Guard Dog or Yellow Jacket cable protector system. This gives venue managers the ability to highlight certain cable run sections, such as designated walkways or sections that pass through dark areas.

Premium Cable Protection with Firefly

In addition to preventing slips, trips, and falls, the Firefly performs another key function: protecting cables. With a load capacity of 21,000 lbs. per axle, the Firefly can easily handle both pedestrian and vehicle traffic. This ensures that cables will remain protected during the setup, the performance, and the tear down of any event. At a mere 17 lbs., the Firefly can be transported and assembled easily, making setup and tear down quicker and more efficient. With its modular design, it’s easy to configure a Firefly cable run to any area. It is a must-have cable protection solution for any entertainment venue.

Click here to learn more about the Firefly. Click here to read the Firefly brochure.

Digital Product Spotting: Cable Protectors in Video Games

Our cable protectors are truly applicable in almost every industry, and now they have transcended the digital barrier and can be found in the exciting virtual worlds of several big-budget video games, such as The Division, NBA Live, NBA2K, Hitman, and Grand Theft Auto V.


Grand Theft Auto V

Yellow Jackets are the video game cable protectors found in GTA VHollywood? Not exactly, but Grand Theft Auto V’s Vinewood is one of the more accurate video game depictions of America’s film headquarters. The attention to detail is stunning, right down to the accurate depictions of Hollywood’s favorite cable protector, the Yellow Jacket five channel. These incredibly durable cable protectors are often seen on film sets due to their extremely long lifespan and uncompromising strength. Considering how expensive AV cables can be, studios understand the value providing optimal protection of those cords. Another fantastic detail from Grand Theft Auto is the fact that their artists have depicted the Yellow Jacket cable protectors (yellow lids) connecting with a few Guard Dog cable covers (orange lids). This is an actual, real-life benefit of those two models, as they are both the same size and feature our patented “Dog Bone” connectors, which means they can be interconnected as shown in the screenshots. Rockstar Games gets a gold star for using video game cable protectors correctly.



Hitman is a game to feature video game cable protectorsUnfortunately, the other video game depictions of cable protectors lack the same attention to detail that Rockstar Games brought to GTA V. Let’s take a look at IO Interactive’s Hitman. This particular mission features the protagonist infiltrating a militia compound located in a rural farmstead. In this scenario, the militia installs an abundance of high-tech equipment despite a lack of electrical infrastructure at the farm. As such, they rely on temporary power and run cables across the farm. This is a great application to utilize cable protection. In a situation where temporary power is required, a damaged cable can cause a power loss and lead to a total shutdown of operations. It is important to choose a cable tray that has the strength to adequately protect cables from both pedestrians and any equipment of vehicles in these situations.

The artists at IO did a great job with the cable models in Hitman, but the environment designers failed to utilize the modular capabilities, instead opting to lay the cable covers in a female-to-female orientation. This allows the cable protectors to shift when vehicles or pedestrians cross them and can inadvertently expose the cables to damage. The designers should have utilized the connectors to ensure that the full length of cable was properly covered. The designers also opted only to provide cable protectors for the cables in exterior locations. While this is a good way to ensure that passing vehicles won’t damage the cables, it does nothing to prevent pedestrian damage to interior cables. Not to mention, the potential for trips and falls is enormous. I would recommend the fictional militia of Hitman move the smaller cable protectors inside, and utilize our Linebacker five channel models outside. With a load capacity upwards of 40,000 lbs. Linebacker heavy duty models will ensure supply trucks and other heavy equipment won’t damage the cables.


The Division

Speaking of temporary power, Ubisoft’s The Division is another game that tackles that application for cable protection. In The Division, the player takes on the role of a special agent sent into New York City after the area is ravaged by a biological weapon. The environments depict areas that had previously been refugee camps and forward bases of operations, which as you may have guessed, required temporary power. As seen in the screenshots on the right, Ubisoft’s artists opted for a much larger cable protector than seen in other games. This is a two channel model, which is typically used in much heavier applications, for example, mining or oil and gas. The cable they are protecting appears to be fairly small, leading me to believe the fictional disaster relief workers in The Division may have been better served by a small, more portable cable cover. Personally, I would have recommended our Yellow Jacket ADA. This model is ideal because it features a similar load capacity, in excess of 20,000 lbs., but it is a much lighter and lower profile model. It is easier to set up and transport, and it poses much less of a trip hazard, which is important considering the large fictional crowds that will be navigating these fictional relief areas.


NBA2K & NBA Live

Cable protectors are a common sight at basketball arenas in real life, so it’s no surprise that they make an appearance in virtual arenas as well. Take-Two’s NBA2K offers a great visualization of our Yellow Jackets in one of its most recent entries to their flagship basketball franchise. The distinct diamond pattern and “Dog Bone” connectors are a great touch and show that Take-Two’s artists really paid attention to the details. However, a Yellow Jacket five channel may not be the best choice for a basketball arena. It is a heavy duty product and probably overkill for a pedestrian only application. A better choice might be the Guard Dog Low Profile model, a cable cover designed for pedestrian applications with a height of only 1.25 inches. EA Sports’ NBA Live, on the other hand, appears to have chosen to depict a competitors product. While creating a safe environment is paramount, there is certainly something to be said for purchasing the highest quality version of a product, something which people who bought NBA Live instead of NBA2K know all too well. Regardless, both studios seem to have forgotten one important detail: the cables! Hopefully, next year’s release of these annual basketball games will see that minor, but significant detail addressed.

It is wonderful to see video games approach the level of realism where an often overlooked item such as a cable protector sees such digital craftsmanship and attention to detail. It speaks volumes to how far digital worlds have come, and where they could go in the future. And we are, as always, thrilled to see cable management utilized to keep people and assets safe, even if they happen to be virtual.

To read more about our extensive line of cable protectors, click here. To download a brochure, click here.

The Top Five Reasons the Best Entertainment Venues Choose Linebacker Cable Protectors

Cable protection is an often overlooked, yet crucial part of safety in the entertainment industry. Here at Checkers, we offer a wide range of cable covers and ramps designed to fit with any application and cable run. Here are the top five reasons why our products are the best fit for your venue:

5. Innovative modular designs fit any cable run

Nearly all of our cable protectors boast modular abilities. This is key for entertainment venues, as different types of events will require different cable lengths and configurations. Our cable ramps can be easily linked end to end by simply snapping our patented connectors together with a light press of a foot or hand. This makes setup a breeze, regardless of the length of cable needed for the event. The Guard Dog cable protector is a great example of this type of product, as its “Dog Bone” connectors allow configurations of any length. Additionally, we offer models that can be linked side by side, in such a way to accommodate an unlimited number of cables. The Yellow Jacket AMS is a great example of this type of product. This flexibility is what gives Linebacker cable covers the edge in the entertainment business.

Our cable covers were used during the Salt Lake City Olympic Games4. Durability – our products have a long lifespan, which saves money

We take pride in manufacturing our cable covers from the highest quality polyurethane available. Compared with rubber cable ramps on the market, our products have a much greater lifespan and can last longer than 10 years provided they are properly cared for. For entertainment venues that host hundreds of events per year, this means big time savings. The benefits go beyond money, however. Choosing an alternative solution, such as a rubber cable protector or gaffer tape can lead to other problems as well. Gaffer tape, for one, cannot be used on surfaces where there is too much dirt for the tack to stick, such as outdoor venues. Rubber cable protectors lack the durability of polyurethane products, and can often crack or crumble, compromising the safety of both the cables and the venue’s guests.

3. Avoid lawsuits that could arise from slips, trips, and falls

According to, liability for slips, trips, and falls may occur when “a property owner (or their employee) actually caused the dangerous condition leading to the slip and fall accident — by leaving a hazardous obstacle in a walking path, for example — and it was reasonably foreseeable that someone would trip and fall due to the condition.” The obvious example, in this case, would be failing to properly protect cables at a venue. This could come either in the form of neglecting to cover the cables altogether or simply using a cable protector which is obviously damaged. Which is why Linebacker polyurethane cable ramps are used across the entertainment industry; their superior durability ensures that they won’t put you or your venue at risk for a lawsuit.

2. Prevent damage to valuable cords and cables

Perhaps the most obvious reason to chose a Linebacker cable protector is contained in the title: they protect your cables.The audio and audio-visual cables often seen at entertainment venues are expensive, with prices ranging from hundreds to thousands of dollars. With the investment in equipment that is required, the last thing any venue manager wants to do is replace it due to preventable damage. Our cable ramps are designed for maximum strength, with some models supporting up to 40,000 lbs. Even if you expect vehicles to cross your cable runs, our cable covers will ensure that your valuable equipment is properly protected.

1. Protect people

This is, of course, the most important reason of all. Protecting guests is paramount, but performers, employees, and staff must also be protected from trip hazards. published an article which stated that, according to the CDC and the BLS, “an estimated 20 – 30% of people who experience a slip and fall will suffer moderate to severe injuries such as bruises, hip fractures, or head injuries.” With data like that, it’s obvious that even one slip, trip, or fall is one too many. Linebacker supplies many cable protection options that are designed specifically for foot traffic, and feature a lower-profile. The Guard Dog ADA cable ramp is one such example, which also features ADA compliance.

These are just a few of the reason’s our cable protectors are well-known throughout the entertainment industry, and just a few of the numerous advantages that our products provide. We truly offer products for every application: heavy duty cable trays to withstand vehicles, ADA compliant cable covers for events, and everything in between. If you manage a venue, we have a cable management solution that will meet your needs.

To read more about our extensive line of cable protectors, click here. To download a brochure, click here.

Gaffer Tape vs. Cable Protectors

Chose cable protectors over gaffer tape to save money in the long run
When it comes to protecting cables at entertainment venues, operations managers have a lot of options to choose from. At Checkers, we pride ourselves on manufacturing our Linebacker line of cable protectors from top of the line polyurethane. This ensures our products will be durable and long lasting, giving them an advantage over some temporary solutions. One of these which is popular in the entertainment industry is gaffer tape. Some of the advantages that gaffer tape offers are its low cost and quick installation. Indeed, you can buy a 50-yard roll of gaffer tape for around $10, which puts the price per foot around 7 cents. Let’s examine a hypothetical scenario:

Checkers Runs the Colfax Marathon!

Colfax marathon cable protectionDubbed “The Ultimate Urban Tour,” the Colfax Marathon has become an annual Denver event ever since it’s inception in 2006. This year, Checkers sponsored three relay teams of five, as well as several individual runners participating in the 5k and half marathon events. While Colorado claims to offer 300 days of sunshine a year, this was not the case on Sunday, as runners woke to a gray sky and cool temperatures. Not that many minded however, as these conditions were ideal for the long race. Team 2 took home the trophy this year, clocking a time of 4 hours and 4 minutes. We are all very proud of them, they did a great job. As the runners traversed the route, we couldn’t help but spot cable protectors. Nearly every relay handoff point featured a cable protection run, crucial to keeping runners safe. The team was able to snap a picture of a cable run in front of Mile High Stadium. Cable protectors are one of our staples, and The Guard Dog® ADA Cable Protector is a great solution for pedestrian applications such as races, as the slope is more gradual than a traditional cable protector, which eliminates trip hazards.

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Film Set Safety

Checkers cable protection for film set safetyWith the bright lights and flashy special effects, it’s easy to forget that film sets are just as much work sites as construction zones or factory floors, and as such, film set safety is imperative. This recent article from OH&S reminds us of this, reporting on charges against Foodles Production Ltd over an incident that resulted in an injury to actor and national treasure Harrison Ford during the filming of “The Force Awakens.” Fortunately, Ford escaped the film with only a broken leg, far better off than his character, Han Solo. Still, this unfortunate accident highlights some of the safety hazards in the entertainment industry, hazards that we here at Checkers offer solutions to solve. Below are some of the innovative products we’ve designed with the entertainment industry in mind.

The Firefly Illuminated Cable Protector:

Optimize film set safety in backstage areas with the FireflyCables. In the entertainment industry, you can’t live without them. However, they do pose trip hazards. That’s why our innovative cable protection systems are designed to make it easier to work around cables. Both protecting the cable and preventing slips, trips, and falls, our cable protectors are a must for film set safety where cables are everywhere. While the Firefly is not new to the entertainment scene, its addition to the Checkers family means the addition of the “Dog Bone” connector, and easy integration into our Yellow Jacket and Guard Dog cable protection systems. The LED strips that line the ramps of the Firefly provide lighting in darkened backstage areas, reducing trip hazards substantially.

The Grip Guard Cable Protector:

5-Channel Lightweight Grip GuardFor lightweight solutions, look no further than the Grip Guard. Weighing in at a mere 12.75 lbs. the Grip Guard is the lightest cable protector on the market by a substantial margin. If portability and ease of set-up is a key concern, Grip Guard is the way to go. Boasting a load capacity of 10,000 lbs. the Grip Guard doesn’t sacrifice strength and durability and is still able to handle light vehicles without issues.

The Yellow Jacket AMS System:

Ten47YJAMS Media Power - CroppedWith the amount of cables on a film set, sometimes a five channel cable protector simply isn’t enough to get the job done. That’s why we offer the Yellow Jacket AMS System, a modular cable protection solution that allows for an unlimited number of five channel center sections to be placed together to accommodate an unlimited number of cables. Yellow Jacket is a name known throughout the entertainment industry and is synonymous with high quality, heavy duty cable protection.

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Take action now: Protect your assets during hurricane and flood season with Checkers Industrial Safety Products

With every hurricane, storm, and severe weather warning, the best method of risk assessment is to be PREPARED. According to the National Hurricane Center, storm trackers on land cannot predict oncoming storms well enough to warn people and businesses of what may come. Without close caution, the economic expense for businesses and cities become extraordinarily high as more communities deal with clean up and loss of property.

Checkers Industrial Safety Products can help provide an effective approach to securing both personal and commercial assets. In addition, the capability of our heavy duty products can supply communities with the innovative tools before a storm hits and after, assisting in the cleanup.

Our ground protection products are comprehensive tools for natural disasters like Hurricane Joaquin:

Ground Protection Mats

  • Provides stable driving/walking surface
  • Allows vehicles to access and navigate muddy, normally inaccessible areas
  • Minimizes vehicle impact on ground and environment

Cable & Hose Protection

  • Variety of styles and sizes to choose fromHurricane Blog Post Pic
  • Fast setup and transport
  • Durable polyurethane construction
  • For pedestrian traffic and work vehicles
  • High load-bearing capacity

Wheel Chocks

  • Designed for a variety of applications
  • Lightweight urethane construction
  • Ideal for trucks, trailers, emergency service, and utility vehicles

HEAVY DUTY Wheel Chocks

  • Perfect for industrial applications
  • Aluminum cleats or rubber pads on bottom
  • Ideal for heavy equipment, trucks, and firefighting vehicles

Industrial Lights

  • 30% more light output than competing brands
  • Built with heavy-duty, UV-stabilized polycarbonate and polypropylene for extreme conditions
  • Available in both electrical powered and solar powered models

Checkers is currently giving priority orders servicing relief efforts. Don’t wait until disaster strikes!

For more information, contact us at:


Learn more about Hurricane Joaquin here:

Safely Enjoy the Great Outdoors Quality Products for Spring from Checkers Industrial

Checkers Industrial Safety Products is taking a proactive role in encouraging people to plan ahead to reduce safety risks with safety products for spring activities. Injuries and accidental deaths occur much more frequently as outdoor activities increase so being prepared can make a big difference in enjoying the springtime while reducing hazards.

“Everyone looks forward to this time of year, especially after the long winter we experienced in most of the country,” said Ray Torres, President, and CEO of Checkers. He went on to say, “As families start planning their spring activities, we hope to see them include safety as a top priority on their checklist. At Checkers, we take safety very seriously, and we are pleased to offer such a wide variety of products that bring an added measure of safety and peace of mind to individuals and families.”

When you are using a truck or SUV by itself or pulling something behind it, Checkers suggests having a set of wheel chocks to secure your vehicle when it is parked. Brake failure can quickly create a very dangerous situation. Torres stated, “Placing a set of our Value-Check Rubber Wheel Chocks against the tires will help stabilize your vehicle and keep you and those around you safe. The compact size of these durable chocks makes them very easy to handle and store.”

For many people, warmer weather means venturing off-road into areas that test their trucks and SUVs. Night driving also increases considerably this time of year, and insurance studies show drivers are three times more likely to be involved in an accident at night. “Whether you are parked along the roadside at night or stranded in a rugged area, a Value-Check LED Beacon is a great way to increase your visibility far beyond the light created by blinking tail lights,” said Ray Torres. These beacons are built with 26 LED bulbs to increase visibility and they easily attach to your vehicle with their powerful magnetic base.

With technology use on the rise, homes and garages have more cords and cables crossing their floors than ever before. With this trend, injuries from trips and falls are growing by disturbing numbers. According to Checkers, one of the easiest ways to prevent cables and cords from becoming trip hazards is to use Value-Check Rubber Cable Protectors. “These cable protectors help eliminate trip hazards while they protect cables and cords from damage,” said Torres. “Whether the use is temporary or permanent, using cable protectors will extend the life of your cables and reduce the risk of a trip and fall accident.”

Protect Your Loved Ones with These Travel Safety and Tripping Hazard Tips

Since this past fall, most have experienced the abnormal freezing temperatures produced by the rapidly warming Arctic which has commonly been referred to as the Polar Vortex. These recent weeks have reached below freezing temperatures in all 50 states and some have even hit record lows. Conditions this low have an extreme effect on travel safety. On the other hand, as more people are forced to stay inside other factors such as; disease, fires, and tripping hazards over exposed heater cords has increase. For these reasons we wanted to summarize the most commonly seen outdoor and indoor safety hazards. In addition offer a few safety preventive Checkers‘ products that might help keep you and your loved ones safe this winter.

Zoebelein, Tom. Car Accident Photo. 2014. Photograph. AutoBodyReview Blog. AutoBody Review, 8 Feb. 2014. Web. 18 Feb. 2014.

WHITE PAPER: Testing Cable Protector YJ2-400 in a Real-World Setting

While the technology surrounding modern mining and construction continues to evolve, there are some things that will always remain the same: the havoc wreaked on sites by trucks and heavy equipment. Of particular concern are the cables, lines, and hoses frequently crossing these sites and the expense required to purchase them initially and, when damaged, to replace them.

Current Status

For years, many mine sites have tried to protect their cables by building an overhead system that utilizes poles secured in old rubber tires filled with concrete. This make-shift system poses high safety risks to both people and equipment as trucks can easily get hung up on the cables. Over the last two decades, the market has introduced crossover pads and ramps in an effort to protect large cables and hoses at the ground level. While some have shown promise in the short-term, most have lacked the necessary durability needed for long-term use. As such, they eventually become a safety liability instead of a reliable piece of safety equipment.

In addition, past designs have proven inconvenient to use and difficult to transport. Overly heavy and awkward to move, they have also lacked expansion capabilities.

The most common weaknesses include:

  • inability to withstand extreme changes in temperature
  • cracking, warping or other damage caused by frequent, heavy loads
  • channel systems ill-suited to manage and protect multiple hoses or cable types and sizes
  • lack of adaptability to expand or reduce the size of the crossover units as needed

Testing cable protector YJ2-400

Yellow Jacket Heavy Duty Cable Protectors were introduced in 1991. As part of this line, the Yellow Jacket YJ2-400 extreme modular crossover system was created for industrial use, including construction sites and commercial environments. Constructed of all-weather polyurethane, the YJ2-400 had previously been shown to be significantly lighter than rubber protectors but rated to last up to 5 times as long. Since the company’s inception, testing of products in real-world settings has been critical in the formulation of new uses or in the refinement of existing designs. In 2012, for example, Checkers Industrial announced the recent testing of its wheel chocks used in the mining industry. That testing, supervised by multiple engineers and safety managers, proved the ability of the chocks to hold a 400-ton mining haul truck despite a 24 percent (24%) reduction in their weight. Given the results of that testing, the company opted to test the capabilities of the YJ2-400 under similar conditions.

On May 13, 2013, testing of the YJ2-400 was completed in an outdoor environment utilizing a Liebherr mining truck weighing 374 tons on a zero percent (0%) grade. Testing of the product was supervised by engineer Greg Widgery, who reported:

“The haul truck pulled across the cable protectors with the front left wheel and parked the left rear duals directly on top of the cable protectors and stayed parked for a count of one minute. The cable protector did not deform or break in any way. Test Results: Passed”

The May 2013 tests were also filmed and photographed, evidencing the ability of the YJ2-400 to withstand the repeated pressures placed on it. View Test Video

According to specs provided by Checkers, the YJ2-400 features two channels designed to protect cables and/or hoses up to 3.75″ in diameter. The system is modular, with each protector being 36″ in length and featuring dog-bone connectors for ease of expansion while maintaining portability.

The heavy duty protector features a thicker, reinforced version of the company’s standard hinged lid, which also features diamond-plate tread surface to improve traction for higher-volume traffic by even the largest vehicles. This aids in potential life-saving benefits of the system, as it reduces the likelihood of lid fracture, cable damage and electrical wiring exposure.

In the workplace, the primary benefits of the YJ2-400 were found to be:

  • Ease of installation
  • Ease of transport
  • Mobility
  • No chance of snagging overhead lines with vehicles
  • Unlimited linear installation, no center support needed to span long distances
  • Temporary solution (no need for semi-permanent installation)


Operating temps range from 40 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit (-40 to 48 degrees Celsius). View more details such as: load capacities, size and other specs.


Testing conducted on the YJ2-400 in a real-world setting, as well as previous product development research evidences the product to be appropriate for use in industrial, mining and military environments. Its ability to repeatedly withstand even the harshest conditions, modular construction and capacity to house and protect multiple hoses or cables as large as 3.75″ in diameter further indicates the appropriateness of the use of the YJ2-400 in these environments, making it a cost-effective solution for safety managers, engineer, and supply chain managers.

Choosing the Right Color for Your Cable Protector

In our last post we discussed 4 key questions to consider when purchasing cable protectors. While those will ensure the safety of your project, there is one more aspect that could actually play an Checkers offers many cable protector color combinationsinfluential role in the success of your project: How do you choose the right cable protector color? Start by asking the following:

  1. What color will improve the functionality of your project/event?

The colors of your cable protector can have a big impact on the type of cable protector that best suites your needs. If you are in the entertainment industry and are looking for cable protectors, the color becomes much more important. In this scenario you may require a darker, less noticeable cable protector to maintain the illusion of a production. In this case, our Guard Dog® in a Black Lid/Black Base color option would be more useful.

Venture outdoors to the carnival industry and brighter colors become more desirable for safety purposes. Something such as the Grip Guard® (Green Lid/Yellow Base) or Yellow Jacket® (Yellow Lid/Black Base) line of cable protectors are more standard for such events.

Colors might even impact the safety of its users. Our Linebacker® heavy duty cable protectors, for instance, are popular in the Oil and Gas industry, as they tend to highlight the visibility of the product.

Also, we can customize colors to your meet your needs and provide custom logos.

Our main concern is making sure you receive the safest product for your needs. We have a variety of products to best suit your needs. Feel free to contact us with any questions!

4 Questions to Consider When Buying Cable Protectors

In the coming months, we will be releasing a variety of posts that will help determine the best use of our safety products for various industries and specific applications. Here we provide a generalBuying cable protectors is easy at Checkers overview to better determine the type of cable protector that suits your needs and help you with buying cable protectors.

First, it is important to consider a product’s primary function. The sole purpose of a cable protector is to provide a safe crossing for vehicles and/or pedestrians for a wide variety of environments, including heavy industrial such as mining or construction, an entertainment venue, or an office to name a few. Some questions to consider include:

  1. How many cables do you need to cover?
  2. What is the outside diameter of these cables?

The answers to these two questions offer a great start. This will narrow down the number of channels and channel sizes that will best suite your needs. For instance, you may need something as simple as a Fastlane 1 channel drop over cable protector for cables 1.5″ or less. The Fastlane® is most commonly used for pedestrian traffic in hospitals, churches, and small events. On the other hand, you may need a Linebacker® 5-channel heavy duty cable protector for cables 1.3″ or less. The Linebacker® brand is frequently used for vehicle and pedestrian traffic in oil drilling and military applications. Now that all your exposed cables are covered, consider this next set of questions.

As a quick tidbit, many people would assume that as the number of channels decreases so does the size of the cable protector. In reality that is actually the opposite in most cases. As a general rule when the number of channels on the cable protector decreases, the channel height increases.

  1. What kind of traffic will be crossing over these cables?
  2. Do you need to consider the connector style for compatibility reasons?

You will need to consider different brands of cable protection for regular foot traffic as opposed to heavy vehicle traffic. The key focus here is to determine the load bearing capacity per axle or weight per tire. Different brands are built to meet the needs of a variety of load capacities. It is important to determine the critical differences between a cable protector for general and heavy-duty purposes.

Another important factor to consider is the connector style. Checkers‘ branded line of cable protectors offers three different connector types such as T-Connector®, Dog Bone Connector®, and Gripper Connector®. You want to make sure that the connector is compatible with your needs, as this can also impact the load bearing capacity.

Safety is no longer an issue once the proper number of channels, the load bearing capacity, and the connector style are determined. However, there is one more concern that may seem trivial but can make a big difference on your project. We’ll save that for another post, so stay tuned.

Our main concern is making sure you receive the safest product for your needs. We have a variety of products to best suit your needs. Feel free to contact us with any questions!