Quick Hook Eliminates Tripping Hazards

American made and molded in Mesa, Arizona, Quick Hooks allow for a new and inventive way to store and run cable safely within OSHA regulations. Quick Hooks eliminate tripping hazards by securely fastening cables to overhead structures.

The rugged patented design allows the Quick Hook to hold twice the weight as its competitors while remaining the same cost. Easily mounted and installed, Quick Hooks provide a safer working area for vehicles and pedestrian traffic alike.

Even when running multiple cables, the Quick Hook can still be turned to as a reliable solution. The Quick Hook holds up to 80 pounds of force. In high wattage areas the Quick Hook doesn’t waiver. This product is completely non-conductive. Quick Hook can either be hooked or screwed into place allowing it to fit in almost any overhead environment and moved easily to a different location if needed.

Quick Hooks abide by 15 different cord related OSHA regulations, keeping you well within compliance. Read more about those here.

How to use and optimize the Quick Hook

Quick Hook is a simple, user friendly safety tool. One method for easy installation is to place the Quick Hook up on the place you wish to hang it, then carefully spread the opposite curved end sideways only slightly, enough to twist the wire or cables down inside the hook holding the cable in place.  Once the cable, wire, or hose is already placed inside the hook, you can raise additional items into the air and lay them inside.

It’s wise to use a Quick Hook every 10 to 20 feet as to avoid slack and low hanging cable. Extra hooks should be implemented when going around corners.

Items suspended should be compatible with one another and should not create a hazard. Electric cords carrying greater than 600V, should not be carried with other electric cords, except if allowed due to type of wire covering.

Check out the Quick Hook here.

Boldly Going Where No Cable Protector Has Gone Before

A few days ago, the world was treated to the first in-orbit images from NASA’s Juno mission. The picture, which can be seen on the right, shows three of the four Galilean moons orbiting the
NASA uses Checkers cable protectors for Juno probe construction gas giant. The primary goal of the Juno spacecraft is to understand the evolution as well as the origin of Jupiter, which is largely shrouded in both gas and mystery. The mission will map Jupiter’s magnetic field, as well as collect readings on the planet’s complex atmosphere. While high-res images are not expected for several more weeks, this preliminary snapshot gives us plenty to be excited about. The knowledge we gain from the Juno mission will help us to better understand our solar system and similar solar systems in other parts of our galaxy.

Yellow Jacket Series cable protectors in use at NASA

To understand the Checkers connection, we need to rewind a few years, to the construction of the Juno spacecraft. Observe the image on the left, of the Juno clean room. If you look closely, you’ll see a run of cables protected by our Linebacker Yellow Jacket Series of cable protectors. The signature black and yellow coloring gives it away, as well as our popular “Dog Bone” connectors, featured on the majority of our cable protectors. It’s exciting to see our products playing a role in such a historic scientific event, and we are very proud that NASA trusts our cable protectors to keep both their scientists and equipment safe. While protecting employees is always the priority, protecting equipment can be especially important when dealing with expensive and delicate items such as spacecraft. Our Yellow Jacket Series of cable protectors are always up for the job, featuring a durable high-density polyethylene construction, and a rugged traction pattern to avoid slips, trips, and falls.

Learn more about our Linebacker Yellow Jacket Series here!

Learn more about the Juno Mission here!

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Keep Your Employees Safe On the Job

Employee safety should be at the top of every organization’s priority list. If workers are injured on the job, businesses not only lose manpower, but they can be hit with lawsuits and worker’s compensation payouts as well. So what can your business do to keep employees safe?

Keep employees safe with Checkers products

Workplace Assessment

Take a walk around your business site and assess any safety hazards that might be present such as exposed wires, wet floors, unruly cables, and the like. If you can fix these hazards right away, do so.

Preventative Action

Taking proper precautions to ensure employee safety significantly lowers the likelihood of an accident. If fixing your workplace hazards requires the purchase of equipment such as cable protectors or warning whips, Checkers Industrial can help. We have a variety of products such as wheel chocks, cable protectors, industrial signals and other products to help you prevent injuries to your employees while on the job.

Inform Your Employees

Once safety hazards have been corrected with proper industrial safety equipment, inform your employees. Conduct training and pass out safety manuals and materials that let them know where safety hazards may be located and how to proceed.

Informing and training your employees on safety hazards is not only your legal obligation, but it is also another step which will help ensure that your business runs smoothly.

At Checkers Industrial, we want to help you create a safe work environment for you and your employees. Our products are available to businesses everywhere. Contact a Checkers distributor today to learn more about our products.