CHECKERS INDUSTRIAL SAFETY PRODUCTS® has been protecting people and assets since 1987 as a leading manufacturer of cable protection systems, wheel chocks, warning whips, warning lights, and more. With over 25 years of experience, Checkers third party tests and certifies most of our products. We have also worked with industry leaders and safety managers to field-test our products under various conditions to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of each product.


All of Checkers Cable Protectors have been load tested by an independent third party laboratory utilizing a calibrated, universal load test machine with a flat plate measuring 6.9″ X 17.3″ (17.5cm X 43.9cm).

Calibrated, universal load test machine for cable protectors

The plate size complies with the American Association of State Highway and Traffic Officials (AASHTO) standard specification for HS-20 truck wheel loading for a heavy tractor trailer truck. The plate size represents the foot print of one tire. Each unit has been condition for 48 hours at tested at 72° F (23° C) at 50% relative humidity. Checkers Cable Protectors also satisfy NEC (National Electrical Code) specification requirements, and select models meet the requirements of ADA and DDA (American Disability Act, and Disability Discrimination Act).